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For individuals prepared to explore deeper aspects of being in right relationship with themselves, their ancestral lineages, and our Earth. Nat guides clients ready for their next stage of multidimensional relational growth that have already engaged in previous healing work (e.g. psychotherapy, trauma processing, traditional medical care).

Embodied relational healing sessions focus on the self and beyond—from the inside out.

Clients will access sources of ancestral support, spiritual nourishment, and intuition using somatic practices such as expressive dance, yoga, and improvisation. Nat also offers guided meditation, expressive prayer, ritual, and energy healing as called for during sessions.

Nat supports clients to engage with folk herbalism practices and remember their own ancestral connection to our Earth. She provides clients with remedios, folk herbal remedies, to aid in their embodied healing. When possible, sessions may incorporate harvesting plants and preparing remedios for home use.

Take Note: Embodied relational healing sessions are distinct from psychotherapy sessions and are not covered by insurance. Folk herbal remedies are not intended to treat or cure any medical illnesses.