Embodied Healing for Liminal Times

Liminal times are thresholds between the past and the future, entre mundos. Embodied healing sessions provide support and guidance as you navigate the in between spaces of your life.

I support you to access resilience, care, and nourishment in your body during groundless times. Sessions include somatic practices such as expressive dance, yoga, and improvisation.
We explore your own sources of spiritual nourishment and intuition. I offer guided meditation, expressive prayer, ritual, invocation, and energy healing as called for during sessions.

Liminal times are powerful times to connect with our inner and outer ecology. I offer holistic herbalism practices and folk remedios (remedies) to assist your healing. Sessions may include preparation of remedios for home use.

Take Note: Embodied healing sessions are distinct from psychotherapy sessions and not covered by insurance. Please contact me with any questions about my offerings.

I am offering limited services at this time due to COVID-19.
Please contact me to inquire more about my remote and socially distanced offerings.